Hi Welcome back I must say this is turning out to be an amazing journey of learning.

I am learning so much and getting answers all in one hit.

This is the channelling from sat evening April 10   2010

NATHANIEL SPEAK TO ME OF THE ‘SECOND HEART’Greetings Earth Child, many humanoids are conversant with the concept of the energy vortex, commonly known as the Heart Chakra and this is indeed the ‘second heart’
The Second Heart encompasses the heart chakra and reaches far beyond.The function of the second heart is purely emotional, it is what separates you from many other species…. it is this doorway that leads you to the DivinityMany of you would be surprised to learn that those of the animal realms also function from this heart chakra.Many disregard the potential of this “feeling heart”, as romantic nonsense,… so be it

However consider if you will the alternative ….. a humanoid would simply be a robotic creation, all be it clothed in flesh and blood

The mind and the “Feeling Heart” work together in many ways to enhance your experience of this plane

The mind has been the trigger to all emotion, however this is evolving. You as a species are approaching a state of being where emotion is dictating to the mind

As a species you are reaching a group mind based on compassion … and compassion is the deeper of of all


By simply being human, you access this state of being….. you were birthed with this intricate heart system

Look back through your history on this planet, and you will become aware of the growth of compassion

As compassion grows in humanity .. so there is a corresponding growth withing the Universe

Many are now ‘acting’ through the ‘Heart Chakra”. However there also needs to be caution in so doing

Not all emotion can tolerate the expansion of passing through this centre

The ‘Heart Chakra” acts basically in the same way as a powerful magnifying glass.
All that is perceived by or passes through this center, emerges changed …. and in this changed form is released

To demonstrate the power of this center, we ask you to indulge us and partake of this personal experiment
1 Bring to the forefront of your mind, someone you love….. some one you are currently extremely happy with. Bring your awareness of this personto the Heart Chakra

You will experience a heightened sense of love… a rush of memories
In fact ‘feel good’
Now skim over the rest of your body …. how does it ‘feel’?
Pay particular attention to the Physical Heart … what is the reaction there?

Part two of the experiment
Bring to the forefront of your awareness, a horrible , shocking , event … this can be personal, global, something you have witnessed [ understand that you call television is witnessing and so impacts on your physical being]
Take the awareness of this event to your heart chakra
Take note of the reactions
Again skim the body … in particular the Physical Heart.

In so doing this you will come to understand how emotions are magnified…. and as such have a greater impact

As you will begin to have an awareness of how each of the ‘Hearts’ interacts and relates to each other … you will become aware of what you allow yourself to focus on

From this experiment you will hopefully come to the conclusion, that you need to control your thoughts … so that you put out a positive emotional response

Every thought is like a pebble dropped in a pond …. emotions and water are both fluid and far reaching.

Know that the health of the “Heart Chakra’ depends upon the quality of the thought process
Also you should be becoming aware that this ‘ripple’ effect continues through all dimensional levels … and as such has a direct impact on your ability to manifest that which you desire

If you desire love… spread love… it will magnify, manifest and return
However if you desire love ….. spread anger, fear, jealousy, …. it magnifies, manifest and returns

What you think triggers emotions, that are magnified by the ‘Heart Chakra” so you need to be the one in control

This is also a teaching centre, its gift is compassion …. and as such any energy we focus through this centre, goes forth enveloped in compassion
This centre should always be activated during times of healing
Understand it is compassion, that is the emotion of the “Christ Consciousness”
For Compassion is the beginning of unconditional love

that’s about it for now
keep checking in as I am attempting to keep the deal made with them up there
I allow them to write and they allow me to sleep


Nathaniel channeling pertaining to Sacred Heart Energy

Hi and welcome back
I had a lovely wake up this morning whole body zinging with energy, like someone turned on a full body vibration
I use my affirmation to get the day off to a flying start , shortly there after I was given the information
An affirmation is a declaration and demand… you declare intention and demand action … pretty straight to the point … so make your affirmations work for youNow I had another chat last night with Nathaniel and below is the channeling received
I do these via automatic writing,. I did channel the voice on Wednesday night but that was very soft and not really workable for this medium
so here it isMY QUESTION ..So Nathaniel how do we access the energy of the Sacred HeartEarth Child there is no simple set of instructions to aid you on this journey. It is a process which many of you are involving into.
The concept of layering would be a constructive description of the method of unity,
Unity with the Creator and thus the end of illusionFirst we need to begin with the Physical Heart. You need to connect to , and bring yourself into total awareness of this organs condition.It is known to us that the Physical Heart area are in fact on danger levels within humanoid societies, and in turn upon the Physical Heart of the planet… everything is inter- related and inter-active. This we feel is simply because you have no conscious awareness of the purpose and working of this vital organNow we say to you, is the time to look within …. no longer can you say things like … ‘I will look after myself when’………If you are to fully engage the energies of the Sacred Heart…Awareness is not enough, there must be action and commitment to the actWe say to you at this time …
1 Go within….. become aware of the physical organ….. locate and appreciate
For this is a major force in keeping you in the humanoid form

2 Feel the organ, probe for areas of dis — stress, and allow healing energy to flow. It is not enough that you flood the entire area with healing energies.
There is a need for precision and commitment. Pin point what needs attention and there place your focus

3 SPEAK THE WORD It is imperitive that you actualy ‘speak the word’, for in so doing…. you announce intention

Never doubt the power of the spoken word. Be firm, decisive and in control. For your consideration we offer the following
‘Through Infinate Spirit, I give thanks for my perfect heart, as is my Divine Right. This I declare .

Speak the word and follow with action.
From hereon in, do the physical actions necessary to preserve and contain the power release with in.

On the earth plane partake in conscious action to restore the heart balance. You may have concern as to why the physical reflects upon the spiritual …. it is however simple.

Each heart center shines upon each other a little like sunlight, which shines through trees, … is softened …. shines through windows … is softened … then pools in soft muted light upon a floor.

Each in its own way mutes and softens the full strength of the sun
So it is with your heart centers …. So if one heart center is unbalanced, that unbalance will be reflected in the actions of the others

We are saying to you humanoids, Preparation is crucial … the physical heart must be prepared to upload and withstand the higher energies

Explore your organ … see it whole, do this with strength and purpose

Image the vessels as clear and strong, feel the perfect beat

Hear the rhythm of your blood. Become aware at all times how your organ responds, remember you are tuning into your personal organ … not the collective

Expose the Physical Heart to many different experiences each day. Understand rhythm is of utmost importance .. the Physical Heart is in need of orchestration

Opening, beginning, moving into rhythm, like a great concerto, highs and lows
Allow the ebb and flow, through out each day, all all shades of experience
Do not startle the heart with abrupt unaccustomed movements … every thing in flow … become intimately connected to your heart … become friends

The more you focus and function physicaly from this heart centre, the more co-jioned are the higher centres

So for now check in on your heart, each of you needs an intimate relationship with your vital organs, for only then can you moniter connections

Be at peace