I am pleased to share the following meditations. They are my gift to you.
Blessings and please enjoy.

The Ascended Masters Meditation
The Ascended Masters gift us their knowledge and guidance at all times. We fast track our Spirit Journey, and allow the release of Karmic debt.Use of this journey will facilitate attunement to the Higher Realms , gifting empowerment to our daily lives.

Isis Healing
Welcome to the Healing Temple of Isis.As once the Temples existed on the physical plane, so now they exist on the Astral Planes and so we are able to access them to heal and assist in the healing of others.

Angelic Healing
Work with the Angelic Beings to resolve all conflict in a gentle non confronting manner.

God Self Meditation
Use this meditation to work with the full Moon.

Empowerment Meditation
This Trance Meditation assists you to accept the POWER and CONTROL to assist you on your journey to Weight Wellness

White Light Meditation
A meditative process to access deep psychic protection.

Raphael Atunement
Link to the amazing energy pattern that is Archangel Raphael -Guardian of the Healing Energies.

Just Breathe
Learn how to attune to your breathing.

Self Blessing
This is a gentle yet profound blessing that will allow you to connect with your deepest self.

Alira Light Channelling
During this channelling you will hear the entity say things such as “I like that’…this refers to times when they are touching objects …. the arm of the couch…. my hand…my knees [didn’t like that] and my crystals. They referred to the crystals as vibrations.This transmission is concerning the energy Alira Light.

Full Moon Meditation
A meditation to bring healing to the earth.