Weekly Horoscopes


MARCH 8  2019


Let things come to you, there is no need to go running all over the place.  Sit back and simply allow, you will be amazed at how easy this becomes.  All the answers are already there, you simply need to be still, and allow



Take the opportunity to move forward, to open new doors and meet new people. You need to accept, you and only you, are in charge of your life. And so, only you can take control, and decide the course it will take



Stating your case, may not be as easy as it appears, if someone choses not to listen.  This could prove frustrating, however, there absolutely needs to be resolution.  Sometimes, it pays to step outside the status quo, and take a new course of action



A time when questioning, what you want and where you want to be, may be sending out mixed messages.  Just for a little while , step back and allow a direction to show itself. At the moment, you are not in the headspace, to make life changing choices



Look out, the world is about to go into overload, and you will need to take charge, and roll with the punches, so to speak.  Do not be pushed or guilted into doing anything that feels wrong, or compromises your personal standards



Listening, and following instructions, while restricting, is the only way forward. Take time to plan the next move. Complete projects, so that there is a clear direction for the next one. Accept assistance in the manner it is offered



Taking control of situations, is the only way to deal with things right now.  If something is bothering you… speak up, be clear and to the point.   By being open and honest, there is a place to move forward from, however, let others speak their truth, even if it differs



It is time for change, as nothing stays the same, so get ready to make some changes.  Making a choice, while not easy, could make your life so much easier.  If it doesn’t work, out it goes, a good clearing and decluttering of your space and life is needed



Accept the fact, you can’t do everything, for everyone, nor can you , be there for every little hiccup.  This is about prioritizing your time and energy, making your time and yourself , the first consideration.  No, not easy, but necessary



Some things change, some stay the same, be prepared to run with the tide.  Make things go your way, just get in there and do it.  Nothing changes, unless you have the courage to take some scary, but definite steps



Yes it could feel like everything is happening at once, and you are snowed under.  However, it simply means you need to get a plan of action happening, and stop allowing things to take on a life of their own.  You are the one in charge of your life… sort it



There are always situations that you have no control over, stepping back is the only thing, right now.  Taking charge of what you can do is excellent as it assists you towards clarity. Not everything is as it appears, so wait until you have a clear picture, then go for it




This is a year to get up and motivated

To set things in motion, that may have only been a dream up until now

This is a year of promise

However, you need to put in the work and trust yourself

A bit like , time to back yourself, while the universe is on your side


MARCH 1   2019


Somethings change, somethings stay the same. Relax, and allow situations to unfold. There’s no sense in hanging on to something that is over and done, let it go and move on. The only person who is likely to suffer is yourself, release and breathe



Whinging,, and carrying on never solved anything, ever. Accept there are some things you simply have to get on with, and just do it. The longer you delay, the harder it will get.  This is a time when what needs to be done, simply cannot be put off any longer



Acceptance is the only way forward, if you cannot change or influence a choice, just get on with it.  There is more going on in the background than you are aware of right now, allow time to show you the way.  Don’t  stress, it will come together in a little time



Relax and allow things to flow around you, because there’s not a lot you can change.  Some things just need to be accepted, even if they are not exactly your way.   Start a new project, open doors to new experiences.  Listen careful to instructions, mistakes are possible



Options are opening and you need to explore every detail carefully. This is not a time to rush into things, or make rash decisions.  What worked in the past, may not work now, so be open to new ideas. Let go of what no longer serves your purpose



Take guidance on board, however, do not allow anyone to manipulate the direction you choose. You cannot please everyone right now, so don’t try.  Take some extra care in health areas, rest could be a good companion



Be gentle with yourself, you have options and need to feel free to take whatever direction works for you.  Do not allow yourself to be pushed or guilted into choices that do not sit well with you.  If need be, take time out and, contact others, when you feel like it



Starting a new venture may be risky, but so worth while.  Take notice of what is on offer and then gather your self confidence, and go for it.  Right now you can make anything and everything happen. It’s all about trusting and believing in yourself



Chilling is not a bad way to go, just for a short while, then its head down and back to work with a vengeance.  It appears there is an increase in the workload, and not much time to get it done.  So take it one step at a time and things will be fine



Relationships may be all out of whack and unsettled, if you’re unsure of what is expected, or where things are heading, ASK.  Airing issues, leads to sorting things out, you just need to lay everything on the table, and tell it like it is



Accepting a challenge could mean taking an unwalked track, which could be a tad scary. However, if you don’t move one way or the other, you will never know , what could have been. Yes, it will take courage and commitment, but you can do tat



Starting over, is the only way.  Some situations, simply cannot be fixed, and it is time to move on.  Meeting new people, may bring you so much more than expected, you simply need to put yourself out there, and let go of the safety line




Whirlwind followed by peace tends to be the trend,

So take down  time whenever it is presented

This is a year when you can make dreams happen

Open doors to new ideas and experiences

You just have to jump in boots and all

And make things happen


FEBRUARY 22  2019


Just go with the flow, what happens , happens.  If you can’t change a situation, go with it, and do the best you can. A catchup allows you to see a different way of dealing with an issue. Make sure you take time to enjoy



Just because something could happen, doesn’t mean it will.  Step back and take note of what is really happening, as compared to what the panic is putting out there.  Time will show the true reality, so stay calm



When something is done it is done , step back and allow the next process to show itself

Leaving others to do their part of a process is the only way at this time.  Enjoy a bit of down time, before things hit overload.



Even though you may not wish to follow a certain path now, there may be no option.  Bite the bullet and get on with it.  Resistance will only cause confusion and delays, just get  the ball rolling.  You may be pleasantly surprised



A little bit like a dance, a few steps forward, then a few steps back. Just do what you cab, when you can, and let things take their own form.  There are a few good surprises along the way, which brighten things up a bit



Take the time to set limits and time frames,  you cannot do everything and be there for everyone, there needs to be a timeframe .  taking time to share and grow with friends is one thing that you need to allow



One area of your life is ending, and another is beginning. Take the time in the middle to sit with yourself, to take note of what you really need.  This is a time to be totally self absorbed, and find your path and direction



Hiccups , may be annoying, however they are not serious, so just allow things to slide on by.  Not buying into drama, allows you to see both sides of a situation, and make clear decisions. Laughter and fun are on the cards, so enjoy



Don’t do anything rash right now, steady steady.  Yes it could be fun to run away and let everything take a hike, but really, you will still have to deal with some issues in the long run. So balance and a little time out here and there, could be the way to go



Reality, bites, and there’s not a lot you can do about, except deal with things as they arise.  Challenging others will solve nothing, working out a solution, is the only way. Yes, some things are not fair, but that’s life



Stepping outside your comfort zone may be a big call right now, but, do you really have a choice.  Review your options, and make the hard call, then things may begin to appear brighter.  Even if an option is challenging, don’t put it aside



Things may not be exactly as you want them, but you can make changes, if you really want to. Let go of wishing and whinging about situations and make the changes.  Have the discussion, whatever it  takes.  Do something, or let it go




Expect changes at a drop of a hat

As well as some incredible opportunities

However, there won’t be much time to think things over

It will be do it or miss out

A great year for romance and companionship







FEBRUARY 15   2019


Reconciliation could prove a difficult path, however, not impossible.  Taking time to look beyond the obvious and remember the reality, could promote an easier understanding.  Remember the one is not responsible for the whole



This is a time to take things slowly, one step at a time.  Be really sure of what you can and cannot deliver, before making any commitments. Take care not to push the emotional limits, as a few things are on shaky ground



Things may appear to be taking on a life of their own right now, and you could be attempting to hang onto the control button.  For now, just follow through and take advantage of what is on offer.  Don’t close any doors, just yet



Buckle down and get things finalized.  This is not a time to put things off or procrastinate, if you want something, get motivated , start the ball rolling. Getting through paperwork, and setting up new directions, shows you what is actually possible



Even  though things appear to be slightly out of whack at the moment, there is little that can be done to change some situations.  Accept that you can do so much, then others have to do their part. Be sure to make time to enjoy some upcoming events



Streamline, and make a plan , then, follow it. Do not take on to many projects right now, steady, steady. Finish one and then research or move forward with the next one.  Accepting, not everything needs to be done , right now, brings a sense of balance and control



Changes are in the wind, and you simply need to decide, what is in your best interests, and not the urgings of others.  Moving towards new directions, and friendships brings a whole new dimension to your life.  Don’t let the past hold you back



The time has come to make some choices, and if need be, offer alternate options.  You, need to move forward for YOU, in your own way. Letting go of the past, while difficult, opens new ways to relate and accept issues.  Put your needs first



Hibernation, could be a great option right now, however not really a practical solution.  If you can’t fix it or change it,  step back and let it go.  There is a need to move forward in some areas, and to step aside in others.  You don’t need to fix anything or everything



The time has come, to take the initiative and make things happen.  You are presented with choices, that need careful deliberation, and a strong commitment. There’s no other option now, other than to move forward, take control and make things happen



Procrastination will kill you, get motivated and do your thing.  Not a time to allow issues to drift, no, they will not fix themselves, you have to take responsibility and get things in motion.  The next few weeks, depend on what you do now



Opportunities and change are easier than you think, so get things moving.  If there is an issue, bring it out in the open, and deal with it.  Hiding things away, will resolve nothing , other , than add to the burden




Pretty much head down and work this year

With a few exciting interludes along the way

Travel will need careful consideration as to security issues, just do good insurance

Family expansion for most , and new buildings for some


FEBRUARY 8   2019


There comes a time when everything simply appears to settle. To find its own level, so that you can have some down time and peace. Accept that sometimes, doing nothing is the best way forward. Don’t let anyone rock your boat right now



Accept the opportunity to turn back time and re-assess your options.  Things may not have been so flash lately, however the future lies in your hands. Take charge of what you want and how you want to do things. Be sure to be practical and follow through



Sometimes as much as you would like to help, the only way is to wait and be ready when the time comes. There’s always an alternative direction and way forward, but caution may be the best pathway.  We, sometimes need to allow others to make their mistakes



Occasionally things are best treated with a massive sense of humor, so try not to get over involved in the drama.  Sit back and allow the pantomime to unfold, then clarity may prevail.  Attempt to keep everything light and restore some sort of balance



Not everything is as clear as you would wish, however there are some positive moves forward. Things may be a bit like a dance right now, one step forward, two steps backward, however a clear direction will emerge. Stay focused, and don’t get caught up in the small stuff



Restore balance and allow that there are times when delegation is the only way.  Changes are needed, and can be helpful, depending on how they are accepted.  If you don’t know the next step…ASK.  Understand others are not mind readers, plus they may be cautious of overstepping the mark



Get all your facts straight before surging ahead.  Balance and planning are the only way to complete projects and make personal life changes.  Understanding your limitations, may allow you to go forward in a more practical manner



You may need to take time to process your emotions now, and understand what you do and don’t want in your life. A time to be open to new ideas and opportunities, there’s no rush to make decisions, now is all about considering and being open to available options



There are things you can change and others you need to step back from.  Take inventory of what is practical and possible, then slowly implement changes.  Listen to advice and if need be take on board, otherwise file away for another day



Opportunities sometimes come in weird packages, so don’t close doors, before exploring what is offered.  You may find exactly what you need, when you give up searching for it. A time of wonder and allowing the imagination to flow



Moving forward may require adding something extra to your repertoire , and taking a leap of faith. Re-access what you have and what you are not working with. Allow opportunity the place to grow , you need to showcase your abilities, otherwise, who knows what you are capable of



Challenging times, call for strong positive choices to be made. Yes, change can be scary and intimidating, but also empowering . Take note of all things that call for change and deal with them one by one. Tackling issues, step by step, allows a whole new outlook



This could prove to be an extremely turbulent year, however deeply constructive

Put plans in place that enhance the future prospects

Learning and embracing new ideas and ways of seeing things, opens whole new understanding and freedom

This could be a magic year.. if you reach out and take every opportunity as it comes


FEBRUARY 1   2019


Challenges come in all shapes and forms, and are not necessarily of a negative nature. This is a time where it pays to put your best foot forward, and show what you’ve got.  Sitting in the background is definitely a wrong move… be pro-active go get it



Stepping back for a little while, can allow you to see a much clearer direction.  While you cloud your head with way to many if’s and but’s and maybe’s , nothing can be sorted.  Take notes, make list and prioritize



Hello,  who  rocked your boat,  remember sometimes things need a good shake up, so that options and directions become clear. Take note of everything, mull it over, then make the choice best suited to you.  After all it is your life



Take the time to digest offers and opportunities, be clear on what it is you want… for yourself.  You may feel a tad challenges by some, and deeply supported by others. Take all the time you need, to reach your conclusions



Ok, sometimes all you can do is bite the bullet and get on with things. Changes are in the wind, so be prepared for things to move swiftly.  An unexpected catch up, turns out to shed some light on a confusing situation. Remember, things are not always as they appear to be



Trying to take on to much right now, could be a little unwise.  If the workload is out of control… delegate. There are times when everyone needs to reach out and ask for assistance. You need to share the load, so that what you do is top quality



Challenge yourself, take control of where you are and plan for where you want to be. Try not to be disheartened by the opinions of others, they are only opinions, not direct orders.  Standing your ground may prove to be a fun exercise



Whole new areas open up as you are exposed to new situations and people.  Being open to creating new friendships, has opportunities for long term connections.  Sharing and caring are the power words for this time. Also ask , because no one can read your mind



Catching up with friends could be a bitter sweet experience, all things change and there often is not a lot can be done about it.  So this time is about reaching out and reconnecting, catching up on old times and creating great memories



An opportunity that appeared to have slipped through your fingers, returns in a different more positive way.  Being open to hear all sides of a proposition is the way to go, live and learn. This is a time to sit back and take everything in your stride… cos you can



Standing your ground may not be easy, however there may not be a choice.  When you are clear about what you want, then start a forward process.  Others may disagree or not be able to see the ‘vision’ , but they don’t need to… you are the one who needs the focus



This could be crunch time for many areas of your life, and you need the courage to get things moving.  Some things have drifted on for way to long, and there needs to be a stand taken. One step at a time, but be sure to get the ball rolling…now




A little bit this a little bit that

Early part of your cycle is a bit drifting going with the flow,

However the second part is on overload

There are opportunities for life long commitments , emotionally and financially

This is a year when study and new learnings open ongoing benefits


JANUARY  25  2019


Sometimes all you can do, is sit back and watch the story unfold, and it will, very quickly in fact.  By releasing any expectations, you allow a direction to surface. Now is about seeing exactly what is and what is not really happening



Take your time, there really is no rush to make choices right now.  Resist being pressured into something you simply are not ready  for.  If something is not right, no amount of persuasion from others cannot make it so.  Stay with what feels right for you



New ideas need to be researched and sorted out very thoroughly, before committing to anything or anyone. You, need to be completely comfortable with what is happening and how you interact with those involved. Don’t be pushed or coerced into an unwanted direction



Lots of ideas and directions are buzzing around, which is great in some ways, and confusing in others.  Take the time to consider all angles and only then will you be able to make informed choices.  Leave nothing to chance, sort thoroughly and be diligent



Taking control of a situation, is the first step towards resolution.  It may not be as easy as it appears, however change has to start somewhere. Make sure at this time that all documents and receipts are up to date and current. You may need them to support your actions



Step by step, one thing at a time is the only way to progress.  Leaving everything to the last minute, could actually work against you.  So make sure you have every angle covered and a course of action in place. If you need assistance… ask



This could be  time to get a few things off your chest, so to speak. Bringing everything into the open, demands that issues be dealt with, once and for all. You need clarity and to understand where you stand. It could be time to close a few doors



Take advantage of this quiet time to catch up on the small jobs, that often get overlooked.  Time to think about what you want the future direction to be, then consider options. There’s no rush, so just do what ever you need, for yourself



Wow, my goodness it feels like a few things have done a magic turnaround, don’t question things, just go with the flow.  Taking time to enjoy yourself and indulge in catching up, with friends or that new book or movie



Time to follow through, projects will not complete themselves, so head down and get moving. An opportunity comes out of left base, as unexpected as it is, don’t waste  time, just do it. There needs to be solid commitment to change and forward movement



A challenge needs creative solutions, because the past actions, simply will not work anymore. Open your mind to unconventional solutions and experiment on what works for you and yours. Time to take a chance on something a bit different and challenging to say the least



Research every possible angle to allow you to make the changes necessary, the only way forward has to begin now. Having gathered all the information needed, proceed to implement changes that work for you




Get ready for a wild ride as the coming cycle is a bit like a roller coaster out of control

Having said that there are opportunities for some incredible new experiences and friendships

Be sure to schedule in some down time from time to time

A year to reach for the stars and make it happen


JANUARY  18   2019


Rebalance finely appears to be possible, as your world takes on new opportunities and developments. It is all about taking the high road, and moving forward.  What is done is done and nothing can change things , at least , not just yet



Gently, gently, take care how you approach things right now, emotions are a bit tender and all over the place.  Sit back and allow things to come to you, then you can decide on a course of action. Rushing in now, will only delay things and could be misinterpreted



Take a chance on yourself, because you can.  Everything needs a starting point, and this could be yours. A challenge needs to be met and overcome, but you’ve got this. Be sure to put your thoughts and ideas forward, you never know where they’ll end up



Looking back only causes pain and confusion, what’s done is done, close the chapter and move on.  As you move away from one direction, another stronger option shows its face. To go forward, it is absolutely necessary to release the past and its hold on you life



Compromise is the way to go, what you cannot change, simply needs to be put to one side for now.  Do what is within your power to create a clear way forward, and just go steady steady in that direction.  Try not to get caught in the drama of others, it will pass



Time to follow through, accept the challenge, whatever it takes. This could be the beginning or the end, the choice is yours.  It is time to stand by what you believe and where ever, necessary , make positive moves forward



Reality checks may prove a bit daunting, however a shake up may be needed. This is a great time to take stock of what is and what is not, necessary in your life.  Challenge t he status quo, you could be pleasantly surprised



It would appear everything happens at once, and you could be extremely busy trying to get things sorted and in some form of order. A helping hand needs to be accepted in the spirit is is offered. Take a chance on new companions and friendships



There comes a time every now and then, when the best thing you can do, is chill, and allow those around you, to deal with their stuff.  Then you will have a clear idea of what the next move is. You can only support someone, if they allow you,



Hanging in, expecting someone to change, simply is a waste of time. Best to make choices for yourself, and put plans in place that support yourself.  What can’t be changed, could be rearranged or reformatted. Look to alternatives and try other options



This could be a testing time, where you will need to draw on all your resourced to find a way forward.  Remember what and who you know, there are past events that offer direction, you only need to research backwards, to move forward



If you are unsettled around someone and unsure of the motives, ask. Put yourself out there and be pro active in your choices. A sense of peace settles for a short while and you have the opportunity to relax and regroup




New ways of communicating opens doors to a better understanding

This is an incredible learning year in every way imaginable

So, put things in motion to support any and every dream

This is the time to make


JANUARY  11   2019


Accepting advice is one thing, being bombarded by opinions quite another. It could be time to state your position on things and simply do what it takes to make it happen.  Taking care of the self is of primary importance

16    1…..8….40…36…7


New beginnings can only happen if you are willing to release the past, which is not all that easy.  However, being open to the fact that there are new ways, and giving them and different people a chance could open some extremely interesting doors



Things could appear a bit of a mixed bag and the emotions be all over the place. Time to maybe review the options, and add a few new ones. Take this time to plan a direction, that works for all involved.  Keeping your cool may prove difficult, but necessary



Time to release the need to control and direct, and just see what else may be on offer.  There are things you can change and things you simply need to accept. There are opportunities to meet new people and experience new life styles on the way



Things simply are not black and white, and there is no way to change the minds of others.  Use this time to plan a forward move for the future, then start the ball rolling. Understanding may be your best card for a while, as things surface and will need to be dealt with



Acceptance is a tough one right now, however it is what there is, and nothing can be done to change some circumstances.  Setting a plan in action is great, however tale time to make sure it is a balanced plan, and you’re not carrying the bulk of the load



Emotions are n overload, so gently gently, with yourself and others. All things have a time and season, and simply need to be allowed their space. Accepting that you have done all that was possible, allows you to move forward. A time to open and share your emotional fears



New insights and opportunities need to be given careful consideration.  There is always a way if you are prepared to look for it.  Ask if you need assistance or information, it’s the only way to get motivated and begin a new chapter



An informed decision leads to a happy dance time, something you have wanted for a long time, finally feels to be within your reach.  Stand strong in what you consider to be essential and then, allow others to digest the information.  Not a time for confrontation



While change is inevitable , it need not be hard. It may be necessary to plan a course of action and then set things in motion.  If something is not right then resolve to work on it.  Remember not everyone’s issues are your responsibility. Self first is the way to go



An exciting new opportunity needs to be grabbed with both hands, details can be sorted later. Take a chance on what it is you need, be open and willing to accept assistance where necessary. Understanding, everything begins with you, is the first step to freedom



Stating your opinion is essential right now, not a time to bottle things up and brood. It is essential that you bring things into open honest communication. Take time on the weekend to do something for you, chill and have some fun




This year could feel like a game of leap frog

As soon as one thing is settled, another one rears its head

In between there are moments of calm and moments of excitement and new frendships

For many romance is the big thing while others add to the family head cound

Study and learning are high on the agenda




December 21    2018


Remember every cloud has a silver lining, and now is no different, it simply is a matter of wait and see.  What is set in motion now, can and does have long standing effects. It is your choice, as to the direction you take



Breathe, don’t let panic and insecurity take control. There is a need to create a plan, then stick to it.  Yes, there will be some last minute issues, however if you have an action plan happening, you can deal with every possible hic cup



Expanding an old concept to create a new reality, is exciting and a little daunting, however, is there a choice?, not really.  So, give it all you’ve got and take a chance on yourself.  This time is about backing yourself and following your instincts



Take a deep breath and jump in the deep end, there’s not many alternative options on offer. At this time you need to recognize, what is important and where priorities lie.  There’s no way to be number one, popular person, but there are ways to be true to yourself



Try not to pre-think things, there may be other explanations to uncover. Everything takes time and patience, so slowly slowly.  Accept help where it is a genuine offer. This is a time when you will find out where you stand, and who your support crew are



What cannot be fixed, must be accepted, and other ways of connection re-viewed. There comes a time to face reality, head on, and put support into action. If you need assistance, ask, then don’t allow pride to stand in the way



Gently, gently just observe the re-actions of those around you, there is quite a lot to be said for standing back and allowing others to show their hand. If you have something to say, be sure to have all the facts, and brush up on your diplomacy



Time to pick yourself up and get things moving again, only in a better more informed manner. If you have an issue with someone now is the time to get it out in the open. Letting something fester, can only create a place for disaster to grow



Expectations, need to divorced from reality, no matter how hard it is to deal with. We don’t always get what we need, however, most times we get what we need. It’s about stepping away from situations you cannot change. Then enhancing those you can



Get ahead on the day to day stuff, then you can chill and party, guilt free. Try not to get caught up in the he said/ she said stuff, it will all blow over if left alone. There comes a time when all you can do is stand back, and let others sort their stuff



Make time to enjoy, it can’t all  be about work and commitment. Sometimes you need to commit to helping yourself and then go for it.  Try not to get caught in the cross fire of other peoples stuff.  Listen and if need be lend a hand, not an opinion



Bottling things is not the way to go, you will be so much better, if you can be open and share your doubts and concerns, remember a problem shared is a problem halved. Sharing your concerns and listen, there could be an answer on offer



An enormous year of growth, and yes a few massive challenges

Not to stress this is a year when you have the opportunity to change everything around and explore new avenues

Relationships take on a feel good connection and re-unions are enlightening



December 14    2018


Where there’s a will, there will always be a way.  It is about staying centered, and simply doing what you can, when you can.  Everything will get sorted, even if it is at the last minute, so try and stay calm and focused



Put on your dancing shoes and get the party happening, it is long overdue.  Taking time to enjoy and just do your own thing, is absolutely  necessary.  It will allow you to return to the daily hum drum, with a clearer focus



A leap of faith , may be a tad daunting, but non the less extremely effective.  Gather all the information needed, before involving others in your plans.  You need to be sure of the integrity of who you are dealing with.  Trust needs to be earned by others



There are times, when you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  Accept the fact that you cannot please everyone, and not everyone needs to be pleased.  It is time to focus on what your needs and desires are, just for a short time



Do what you can, one step at a time, allow things to unfold in their own way.  Taking on the problems of others, will resolve nothing, so where necessary, step back.  Be prepared to make alternative arrangements as situations occur



Being available is one thing, being taken for granted, quite another kettle of fish. This is the time to review and renew. If something no longer works, let it go, a band aid fix, hasn’t succeeded before, and it definitely will not this time around.  Step back



An issue needs to be out in the open, and honestly discussed.  There comes a time when it is no longer acceptable for secrets to be kept. Things have a way of revealing their true course now, and it could be a tough ask for some.  Open, honest communication is the only way



Try not to stress about the small things, they have a way of resolving if left alone.  Not a time to be picky or demanding, simply let the process unfold.  A gift is offered , no strings attached, so at least, give it some serious thought



While taking a break may not be an option right now, it is necessary, and a plan of action needs to be put in place for the future.  Stepping away from the expectations of others, allows you some breathing space, and the ability to put things into perspective



Take care of the small details and the big stuff will take care of itself, given time.  There is a need to re-evaluate some issues, are you placing to much pressure on yourself, or, are you buying into the demands and expectations of others… think about it



There comes a time when you simply have to stand up and tell it exactly, how you see it.  If you can be absolutely clear, it may encourage others to confide in you. And from there you can plot a course of action, that considers all involved



This is a time to speak up, tell it exactly how you see it.  There may be a few repercussions, however, generally it appears to be well accepted.  Change is needed, and you are in charge of how, where and when you allow them




A few challenges in the first part of the year, leads to expanded knowledge

There may be a few time when things reach boiling point early in the year,

But generally these times are easily sorted and productive

For some a new career and/or living space, opens new friendships


December 7    2018


When everything needs to be taken care of all at the same time, there are choices.  Suck it up and get on with it, or, delegate and ask for assistance.  Remember where there’s a will, there most definitely is a way.  Good news around mid week



A time of adjustment may be necessary, before things settle into a strong pattern. This time is all about feeling your way, and checking options. Be open to taking a different perspective on board.  There are more ways than one to get to the finish line



While some things appear to be  out of your control, it is simply a matter of re-assessing what the objectives really are.  What do you really want, as opposed to what others want for you.  Take as much time as you need to process the next direction



There is a need to be straight forward, when dealing with people and contracts.  Be absolutely clear about your expectations, and what you are willing to negotiate on.  This is the time to simply research, and consolidate, what you need to do



Nothing appears to be stable at this time, so all you can do is take it one day at a time. Prepare to move forward with a moment’s   notice and it will get back on track. Some things end and others open new directions and opportunities



Taking care of the little things, frees up time for when everything hits overload.  It is essential that you take the time to complete projects, and clear the way for the next step. If at all possible there is a need for down time, because things sky rocket



This is a time when you really need to know who to trust and who to let go of. Old patterns and habits no longer serve a purpose, release and move forward.  The time has come to deal with confrontation with others and within your self



Unexpected re-unions and chance meetings could lead to so much more than it appears at first.  This is not a time to hold back, or struggle with what was, back in the day.  All things change and mature.  Give starting over , your best shot



Good heavens, how many people do you think you can carry?   Sometimes letting others take the consequences of their actions, actually is the better way.  A challenging situation, could see you reaching new levels of confidence



There comes a time, when you’ve simply got to tell it like it is.  Beating around the bush, or dropping hints simply won’t work.  Gather all your information and create a plan of action.  Don’t be shy in asking for what you need, if help is needed… ask



Trash and/or  treasure, this could be the main question right now.  Sifting through the past could point the way forward.  Don’t hang back in presenting ideas and guidance, you may be more helpful than you ae aware of. Just start and then see where it flow



You need to be absolutely clear about what you want and how you intend to make it happen. This is no time to be procrastinating or backing down.  Somethings need to change , however until you make your position, crystal clear, it’s same old, same old




For the most part a pretty calm year

However, it has moments of What the Hell is Happening

Things change around the end of the first quarter, and choices need to be make

This is a great cycle to be open to learning new skills and meeting different types of people

Study is one of the big highlights




Stepping gently, may be your only option right now.  Not a time to take a chance on confrontation.  Accept some issues are on overload, and everyone needs to find their own method of dealing with things.  You simply need to follow your heart and head



Throw caution to the wind, pull out all stops and just do it. Not a time to procrastinate or use delay tactics, the time is now.  Taking a chance is a good option right now, it could bring back so much more than you are expecting. Don’t put limits on anything



Listening with your heart, allows you to see opposing states of mind. When you realise, yes, you are on the same page, it’s as simple as , seeing the situation in a different way. Put off making any formal choices, this is a time to reflect on what you want, for you



What hasn’t worked in the past, most definitely is not going to work now, so let go and move forward.  This is a time for being open to creative solutions, and taking advice from some unexpected quarters. A challenge, opens up new ideas and understanding





The next few weeks are heading into overload, so it may be good to clear some of the backlog of jobs, that need to be done.  Even if things are not running to expectations right now, you need to prepare and be ready to roll with what ever comes your way



Organizing the upcoming work load, is essential, as is, scheduling significant down time. There are times when the mind simply needs to rest and re-coup.  Keeping your own council , could be necessary for harmony in the overall scheme of things



Everything may feel like, flat and unmoving, however, the time is at hand where options and directions become very clear.  For now just research what is available, and if necessary make the choices to move forward, personally and career wise



The best laid plans of mice and men, often come to grief, so stay flexible.  The only thing to do at this stage if follow the lead given by others.  Not blindly, but accepting this could be a better way, and it is the solution you need, not the messenger



Reach out and share your emotions with those near you, they can’t mindread, or support you, if you are unwilling to reach out.  Sometimes the act of sharing, allows others to offer solutions, you may not have thought of , don’t lock yourself away



When one thing falls into place, everything else follows, do chill, it’s all going to work out. Try not to take on more than you can handle right now. One step at a time, is the only solution. If you need help, ask for it. You could get a pleasant surprise



Try not to go out on a limb for anyone right now.  Things may not be as stable as they appear.  Sit back and do some research on what is on offer, then make an informed choice, with the head, not the heart.  Do not be pushed or coerced against your better judgement



A line needs to be drawn in the sand, and you are the only one who can do it.  You, may not be the most popular person, however , some things just have to be done. Moving in a strong positive way forward, will allow you , not only to see opportunities, but be able to grab them



This could prove a frantic, year of moving forward

Change and more change

New learning opportunities and more career direction

While frantic, it allows for growth , deep understanding

A new direction opens that has the potential to change your life