Weekly Horoscopes


December 7    2018


When everything needs to be taken care of all at the same time, there are choices.  Suck it up and get on with it, or, delegate and ask for assistance.  Remember where there’s a will, there most definitely is a way.  Good news around mid week



A time of adjustment may be necessary, before things settle into a strong pattern. This time is all about feeling your way, and checking options. Be open to taking a different perspective on board.  There are more ways than one to get to the finish line



While some things appear to be  out of your control, it is simply a matter of re-assessing what the objectives really are.  What do you really want, as opposed to what others want for you.  Take as much time as you need to process the next direction



There is a need to be straight forward, when dealing with people and contracts.  Be absolutely clear about your expectations, and what you are willing to negotiate on.  This is the time to simply research, and consolidate, what you need to do



Nothing appears to be stable at this time, so all you can do is take it one day at a time. Prepare to move forward with a moment’s   notice and it will get back on track. Some things end and others open new directions and opportunities



Taking care of the little things, frees up time for when everything hits overload.  It is essential that you take the time to complete projects, and clear the way for the next step. If at all possible there is a need for down time, because things sky rocket



This is a time when you really need to know who to trust and who to let go of. Old patterns and habits no longer serve a purpose, release and move forward.  The time has come to deal with confrontation with others and within your self



Unexpected re-unions and chance meetings could lead to so much more than it appears at first.  This is not a time to hold back, or struggle with what was, back in the day.  All things change and mature.  Give starting over , your best shot



Good heavens, how many people do you think you can carry?   Sometimes letting others take the consequences of their actions, actually is the better way.  A challenging situation, could see you reaching new levels of confidence



There comes a time, when you’ve simply got to tell it like it is.  Beating around the bush, or dropping hints simply won’t work.  Gather all your information and create a plan of action.  Don’t be shy in asking for what you need, if help is needed… ask



Trash and/or  treasure, this could be the main question right now.  Sifting through the past could point the way forward.  Don’t hang back in presenting ideas and guidance, you may be more helpful than you ae aware of. Just start and then see where it flow



You need to be absolutely clear about what you want and how you intend to make it happen. This is no time to be procrastinating or backing down.  Somethings need to change , however until you make your position, crystal clear, it’s same old, same old




For the most part a pretty calm year

However, it has moments of What the Hell is Happening

Things change around the end of the first quarter, and choices need to be make

This is a great cycle to be open to learning new skills and meeting different types of people

Study is one of the big highlights




Stepping gently, may be your only option right now.  Not a time to take a chance on confrontation.  Accept some issues are on overload, and everyone needs to find their own method of dealing with things.  You simply need to follow your heart and head



Throw caution to the wind, pull out all stops and just do it. Not a time to procrastinate or use delay tactics, the time is now.  Taking a chance is a good option right now, it could bring back so much more than you are expecting. Don’t put limits on anything



Listening with your heart, allows you to see opposing states of mind. When you realise, yes, you are on the same page, it’s as simple as , seeing the situation in a different way. Put off making any formal choices, this is a time to reflect on what you want, for you



What hasn’t worked in the past, most definitely is not going to work now, so let go and move forward.  This is a time for being open to creative solutions, and taking advice from some unexpected quarters. A challenge, opens up new ideas and understanding





The next few weeks are heading into overload, so it may be good to clear some of the backlog of jobs, that need to be done.  Even if things are not running to expectations right now, you need to prepare and be ready to roll with what ever comes your way



Organizing the upcoming work load, is essential, as is, scheduling significant down time. There are times when the mind simply needs to rest and re-coup.  Keeping your own council , could be necessary for harmony in the overall scheme of things



Everything may feel like, flat and unmoving, however, the time is at hand where options and directions become very clear.  For now just research what is available, and if necessary make the choices to move forward, personally and career wise



The best laid plans of mice and men, often come to grief, so stay flexible.  The only thing to do at this stage if follow the lead given by others.  Not blindly, but accepting this could be a better way, and it is the solution you need, not the messenger



Reach out and share your emotions with those near you, they can’t mindread, or support you, if you are unwilling to reach out.  Sometimes the act of sharing, allows others to offer solutions, you may not have thought of , don’t lock yourself away



When one thing falls into place, everything else follows, do chill, it’s all going to work out. Try not to take on more than you can handle right now. One step at a time, is the only solution. If you need help, ask for it. You could get a pleasant surprise



Try not to go out on a limb for anyone right now.  Things may not be as stable as they appear.  Sit back and do some research on what is on offer, then make an informed choice, with the head, not the heart.  Do not be pushed or coerced against your better judgement



A line needs to be drawn in the sand, and you are the only one who can do it.  You, may not be the most popular person, however , some things just have to be done. Moving in a strong positive way forward, will allow you , not only to see opportunities, but be able to grab them



This could prove a frantic, year of moving forward

Change and more change

New learning opportunities and more career direction

While frantic, it allows for growth , deep understanding

A new direction opens that has the potential to change your life