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Channellings from the Pleidians
Gypsy Maggie Rose is  well known around the world for her absolute brilliant ability to channel
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500 light years from planet Earth is a small cluster of seven stars located in the’ Constellation of Taurus of the Bull’ known as Pleiades. The cluster is actually the eye of the bull in the constellation of Taurus. According to ancient legends, the stars are said to be the daughters and sisters of Atlas. Only six of the 100 stars can be seen with the human eye. The inhabitants of Pleiades, known as Pleiadian’s, are a highly evolved humanoid race and the next step in our evolution. It is said that Pleiadian’s are here to help us in our spiritual journey to enlightenment.

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GALACTIC DNA CODES – 28th May 2015

This is the continuation of a chat with my guides


This has always been so, and is has always been the arrogance of the Earthling to believe they are all there is

As many nations make up the Earth people, so many nations of the stars make up all the peoples of Earth

Yes many carry blood of other beings, some by design, some by arrogance and disobedience … for not all who come to this space are designed to do so

Earthing DNA strands are compatible with many of the other Universal beings, but not all

This cross mating causes an unbalance and confusion in some offspring

It is necessary you understand these bloodlines do not make one individual , better or worse than another.  It simply IS

And as a child takes the traits of both parents, so does a child carry inherent traits of the bloodlines

If you would read your written and unwritten history, there is an underlying understanding of these things…. and if you were to read that which is called GENISIS…. As Genies….. therein lies the truth of the matter…. the blending of genetics

In the beginning days, many descended and  ascended to the Earth plane….Review and understand this statement  .. Ascended and Descended

Therein lies the answer to many mysteries.  Time and evolution have brought you to where you are today

Yes among you walk beings from other dimensions, as you walk beside others

The DNA of humankind can be likened to a kaleidoscope, Individually all you have are separate bits of pretty glass…. but… viewed from a different angle… each piece becomes part of a tapestry of beauty    You view the changing patterns with awe

So it is that , inter related DNA strands, when viewed through the correct medium takes on form and pattern.

You are not a separate  outpost of the Universe, left to your own devices.  Earth and all connected to Earth are part of the Universe.  Each needs the other

Humans are not the only form of living being, and many of us are compatible

However, not all combinations are compatible

And as you are beginning to understand the knowledge concerning transplantation of organs, you have come to accept, one will not necessarily fit another

So it is with inter-terestial bloodlines… one does not necessarily fit the other

Some like the Plieadian , can and did blend beautifully, and much knowledge was gifted Earth’s people

However some terrestial bloodlines caused damage as the birthing of the Nephilium   These bloodlines are hidden within the human DNA

In the fullness of time , your scientists will reveal to you proof of these things … for even now they work on unravelling the mystery


Absolutely, for much is known, yet unknown to the masses. Look if you will at the hysteria such a revelation would have at this time

You as a people have yet to deal with issues of racial inter- blending, it is no time to introduce the concept of Inter-planetary supremacy

All who are different or go down what is perceived to be a    wrong way, would be doubly branded.  For you would not understand the complexity of the blending process

Yet others may turn from the concept of a Divine Creator and see yourselves as experiments

We say to you now, yes, some of these blending’s,were deliberate and guided.  Others accidental … Beings finding themselves blown off course… shipwrecked if you will… and so made a life with Earth’s natives…. And some by desire…. desire to understand the complexity of Earth, the emotional link to the Divinity ….And by the desire of being for being

As on Earth each race is no longer an island, it is common now for inter -racial matings

In another time it was common for Inter-galactic matings.  In all things the progeny   carry the best and the worset of the parental genetic codes, we have discovered this to be so, with the coded matings


This means in simplicity many beings carry the genetic codes of inter – galactic intelligence , and this has been an ongoing practice

Earth has been a school, if you will, that has taught much and many

Genetics has always been and inter-planetary, inter-galactic study.  And more than a study, a proving ground

Take a closer look at your mythology, for therein lies many answers

The simplicity of revelation is to ask the correct questions, then you will ‘see’ the truth held therein

Let us look a little closer at the Myth of the Minotaur of Crete

Firstly dissect the name it gives you the constellation of Taurus … which equates in the human mind to a bull

Now we have a so called monster, living beneath the palace … in  a labyrinth… A construction you hold ot be sacred and understand holds great power…. in fact part of sacred geometry

Each year there was a sacrifice of seven virgin males and seven virgin females

These were chosen from the best houses of the city

WHY?  For their wealth and power?… NO

To punish the ruling classes?… NO

They were chosen for the purity of bloodline,  Earthlings had been careful to preserve bloodlines, albeit unknowingly… and so have in some cases preserved a tainted lineage

Now the question leads to a question.. leads to a question

What was the Minatour?

Why did It demand and receive the best of the city’s youth?

What did it do with them?

Myth states the Minatour was half a man and half a beast… the son of mating of Gods….Gods equating to higher beings…. or beings from a higher…. literally a higher place

This being had strength and power… unequalled on Earth at that time…. and the ability to instil fear and control…. yet one so powerful was defeated by one youth

Think on that …. what kind of strength was needed to hold that position?….. certainly not physical

The armies could have united to defeat and kill one being

Easier solution yet… the being lived underground…. why not simply seal the passage ways… and allow nature to take its course

WHY?  Because the power was inter-galactic… machinery and technology unknown to Earth at the time, the Minatour was equal to a scientist of sorts

The unknown held the fear of sorcery and magic

Now what do you feel happened to this prime virgin youth of the day?

Myth has it the Minatour devoured them… Interesting… Now we are led to believe

A … A monstrous being lived beneath the palace

B … Obviously articulate in language of the time and place … demanded not only young people … but specific young people…. youth ripe for breeding… youth of impeccable bloodlines…. youth in equal quantities of male and female

C .. This being was of such strength that all demands were met instantly and ongoing

D  .. Then we are led to believe, this obviously intelligent being , ate them… in fact devoured them

Realistically , having looked at this scenario….

1… can you believe it?

2 … is it just a story?

3 … was it an experimental laboratory?

Think of the third possibility….. a genetic gene pool

Could devoured have been deflowered?

Indeed ,for if this monstrous being could eat 14 humans at one sitting … what sustained it the rest of the year?

We say to you … Look again… with open eyes at your mythology, and the truth of genetics will be revealed


Just so, however, experiment is to harsh a statement

There were other reasons

The healing and strengthening of the human cellular structure

Understand, the pre-mythology there was a galactic interaction with Earth

There were in fact voluntary and involuntary matings, these unbalanced the structure of future beings

Mutations occurred, which could not be allowed to continue

As imperfections are introduced to a blood platelet , so can they be removed

This however is a scientific process, that needs advanced knowledge, which you did not …. and do not yet understand

Again we say look to Mythology… in particular the myths of that which is known to you as the Zodiac

For in many  humans is the encoded galactic breeding lines…and each of you , thus encoded will understand and yearn in part for ;home’

We tell you for instance the youth of Crete were bred, until once again there was a strong human bloodline…. these children were not eaten….. but taught

Arts, sciences, mathematics, astronomy, and went forth into the world as teachers and healers

It is the offspring of this youth that with the taint removed [breed out] tainted blood


This is precisely what we are telling you, this and so much more.   Until this time , most of humanity has been engrossed in their own place in the scheme of things

All is in motion at the moment, where many are seeking answers beyond the obvious

There is becoming a unified acceptance of other beings and other realities.  It has taken a long time to reach this place

Now that the doorway stands open, we ask that you take the opportunity to step forward into the past… or backwards into the future

Whichever direction pleases you…. the destiny is the same… whichever route one takes

In time we will systematically  take you through the truths behind star mythology

First we ask you to look within these myths, that by becoming familiar with them…. you may be able to comprehend that of which we speak


Yes, it does not do to hand feed anyone … over a matter of time… for it opens the doors to inter-dependence,  and there is no place for this … if you are to go forward

Be open to the learning, for knowledge is strength

We wish you to allow your own discernment to flourish

To invest in your own truths.  For each of you is a complete unit unto yourself

And each of you will experience the gift and truth of Myth, in  a way compatible to the space you occupy

Gypsy Maggie Rose