Gypsy Bundle Curse Breaker


Traditional Gypsy Magic

Handmade products infused with incantations and secret spells

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There comes a time when many feel they are under not so benevolent energies,

They may feel, they are being attacked on a psychic level

That something is “Blocking” their progress

Standing between them and success

Or that they are being overlooked

Given bad dreams etc


The Gypsies have always been approached to assist in clearing these energies

And today is no different

So , we bring you the comfort of  clearing and releasing these negative energies



Experience the age old magic

Cleanse and release the hold on you and yours

Wipe the slate clean so to speak

Break the hold and return the spell to the sender

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You will receive a true Gypsy Bundle

Containing everything needed to cleanse your aura and invoke protection at a deep level

Most of the ingredients are hand made and infused with secret incantations

Bound with the mystical ladder of knots 

This bundle contains a powerful gypsy spell that can clear , cleanse and protect