Gypsy Bundle Money Spell


Traditional Gypsy Magic

Handmade products infused with incantations and secret spells

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Down through the ages maid and mistress alike have ventured forth, under the cloak of darkness to seek the aid of the Gypsies

Drawn by the mystic of the forbidden,  the glow of fires,

Caught up in the passion of their music and power of their dance

To open the door to wealth and riches,

To enhance their business and to gain at the gaming tables

And so it is still, the secrets of the Gypsy people are well guarded


Experience the age old magic

Attract wealth and abundance

You will receive a true Gypsy Bundle

Containing everything needed to open the door to rivers of cash and incredible gifts

Most of the ingredients are hand made and infused with secret incantations

Bound with the mystical ladder of knots 

This bundle contains a powerful gypsy spell that can be worked to attract wealth