Lyn F .. Geraldton West Australian

Testimonial for Maggie Sinton. My first meeting with Maggie Sinton was at an evening at the Central Greenough Historical Settlement and Cafe. Maggie came round the tables, chatting with different people about loved ones that had passed. When she came to my table, she began chatting with other people on the table, when she had finished with them, she did not want to move on, saying it felt like there was someone who had broken their neck or had a lot of pain in their neck. Then it hit me. My Mum had recently passed after battling cancer which had spread and was on her spine between her shoulder blades. She went on to say a few things, but then she said that I should look after myself and go to bed at a decent time. I had just started having problems sleeping and no one knew of this. There were other things that Maggie got right, but by seeing Maggie on thus evening, she helped me grieve for my Mum.

My first personal reading with Maggie was a real eye opener because Maggie came out with names rather than saying things like “You have someone in the family whose name begins with A” she just came out and asked “Who’s Alan?” And she asked me who James was and before I could say anything she corrected herself and said no Jimmy. This was an uncle of my husband. We were the only ones to invite him to our wedding. Then Maggie told me Jimmy was looking after me. This made me feel so happy. There were lots of other things that Maggie got spot on. Thank you Maggie.

Micelle S   Geraldton West Australia

I have seen Maggie when she has visited Geraldton on 2 occasions, the first i was amazed with the things she was telling me, I have seen a few different mediums and by far Maggie has been the best. She is an amazing woman that loves to give back to the community. The second was a private session with a few close friends and family, by far the best session. Maggie is honest and upfront, has an amazing life story truly has a gift. Highly recommend.

ANDREW H  New Zealand

Maggie is a very gifted lady that has been given very special abilities to be able to give very accurate personal psychic readings and many more services.

I have been luckily enough to have had several very accurate personal readings over the years by Maggie while living in Western Australia.

Within the readings Maggie has revealed information that only I know and has been accurate about locations and timeframes.

Maggie is the real deal and I truly believe in her abilities.

Thank you for the guidance Maggie. Till we meet again, take care.
Lisa  West Australia

“We met Maggie in approx. 2008 when I first went for a reading. Over the years to come it has developed to a friendship taking us on many a journey.

Maggies readings on all levels are extremely accurate and I find myself saying: ” Maggie said that! ”

We have recently had channellings with Maggie. The spiritual guides and mentors if you would call them that, are very informative and have a wicked sense of humour. There are many messages brought through both on a personal level and on a planetary level.

I find her very exact information to have soothed an aching heart and at times although I have answered my own questions Maggie has backed it up.

My partner and I love her and know she is the real deal.


Wendy B  Perth West Australia

The first time I met Gypsy Maggie Rose I was sceptical. Then she blew me away with all the things you’re taught not to believe. She knew a family members death and how he had his puppy with him. When I booked to see her all I gave was my first name. Maggie has helped me learn about crystal healings and many other things through the veil. She knew things I can’t fathom to know the knowledge of. Things about my life and my family history and my past lives. I am very blessed to know Gypsy Maggie Rose and being able to call her a friend is a high honour.

Jo Ettles Cairns Queensland 

Author of  Clean Your Shed and  Under my Clothes

“I was lucky enough to secure an appointment with Maggie and she had recommended a spirit guide reading for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Maggie had asked me to write down questions to ask during the reading and I did, but I was overwhelmed as during the reading, Maggie channelled 3 of my guides who actually answered every single question that I had written down before I even had time to speak! I was blown away.
This reading just gave me so much clarity and direction and it re-affirmed that I was on the right life path. People often say, listen to your guides, but I had always had trouble hearing mine until this reading.
I am so grateful to Maggie for doing this reading for me. It has completely helped me to refocus and to feel confident about a lot of areas in my life. If you are feeling confused and are struggling to hear or feel from your heart….this reading will help you to see your way forward. Thankyou Maggie. Very grateful .”
Jo Ettles


Sandi Chetwynd xx

After 10 weeks with Maggie I have to say how much I loved this course! I’ve learned so much over the weeks, I’ve become more in tune with my own psychic abilities, and have grown as a person in my confidence in trusting my feelings/senses. If your thinking of doing the course, don’t hesitate. My time with Maggie has been wonderful, she is wealthy in knowledge, she knows her stuff! You’ll hear glimpses of her magical, wonderful life along the way. I was in awe of everything she spoke about. I’m already missing our weekly lessons and hope to learn more from her in the future.

Sandi Chetwynd xx