Solstice Awakening

I feel I need to share this Solstice experience.

From a few years back… I had this experience…..

Having just returned from Melbourne, I was really tired, but the trip was excellent. I met some amazing people and some new friendships were established. Mind you, a certain young Greg needs to drive Perth style .. a little more laid back!

I had every intention of performing the ritual on Monday, everything sorted, when down I came with this horrible tummy thing .Threw up half the night, but that’s another story!

In the middle of all the pain and drama I attempted to take myself out of things.. to a place of healing … well did that go the way I expected?????… No way! I found myself standing on open ground, with high mountains in the background.  Across a bay was an island with huge standing stones At each stone an ancient priestess sat.
Around the stones young maidens in white circled and chanted.

I was given that this was the rite of Longest Night … a rite designed to call back the light but also to bring the Stag King in. The sounds of the voices were mesmerising , not words just pure sound and I could feel the vibration travelling through the land under my feet.

I was given the knowledge that under the earth in another dimension lay rivers of power or energy and at the points where these rivers crossed the pools of power needed to be protected , so that only the light beings had access and it was the role of the stones and priestess to keep this balance.

I was then shown a huge battle on this plane, men in chariots painted in blue came pouring out of the mountains… screaming . horns blaring, drums beating.. It was a wondrous, frightening sight and they were screaming ALBA ALBA!

Then I saw them engage in battle with Romans and to one point they were winning, however when it looked like the battle was done and the painted ones triumphant over the hills came a huge wave of mounted men . an absolute sea of red It was horrible , a complete disaster. I followed some of the painted ones as they straggled from the battle, where most of their comrades lay dead and dying.

The emotion was one of deep despair and utter shock .. they never knew the Romans had backup. let alone as much I followed them through the mountains as they were hounded and some picked off. Then I was on the island with three of the men .. who were tended by the priestesses.

I was shown through their eyes a vision of the battle field but the feel was different All the blood was soaking into the ground and I was seeing it trickle down to the rivers of power.

There was no difference in the blood.

All was excepted and transformed into pure energy.

I was told the Earth needs life blood but this is not the preferred way.

In times of old the women would gift their blood to the earth, but in times of men this practice became rare.
I came to see all blood is sacred and the belief or what side on is on , has not a bit of difference.
Basically…………….. Blood is blood! Power is power!

It is only in the use of either that we grow into understanding.

I am feeling we need to return to some of the old practices and so honor ourselves and the Earth. I was shown how the King Stag came willingly to the circle to give up his blood to the land and was treated with the deepest respect.It is this respect which is missing in this time… I have a lot to consider and work through.

I find when I need to stop and regroup….. I often get knocked flat so there is no choice in the matter and the learning was needed!