Another journey begins…

Barron Falls in Kuranda


This weekend began a journey of self discovery, myth and magical beings. I flew into the tropical beauty that is Cairns, to be greeted by the welcoming arms and open hearts of Tony and Jo Ettles.

After an early morning arrival, for all involved , off we went at break of day .. up the mountains.


I was totally gobsmacked by the unfolding vista, mountains, rainforest, sugar cane, forty shades

of green.. all in all sensory overloadWhen you are surrounded and enfolded by nature’s oppulence, It brings the significance of green in the healing spectrum into your experience.

Up and up, through the mistly rainforest, until we arrived at our destination, the deliciously quaint town of Kuranda, but this was to be only the doorway to a breath taking journey of discovery. To the accompanyment of the softest misty rain, we decended into Heaven… at least that part of heaven occupied by the rainforest.

A roar sounded in the distance, the vibration setting up a beat withing the earth, which in turn vibrated through the feet, to the heart centre.

Like a drum calling you ever onward,,,,,

Enthusiasticaly forward went the “Intrepid Trio”. It was like we had been friends all our time of this earth journey. So relaxed and easy, conversation just flowed. Jo and I were finishing each others conversations, as does those of long term aquaintance.

Suddenly ,we erupted onto the specatular falls, in all her magnificent glory. Awe inspiring, vibrant alive energy, as she thundered over ancient rock, to rise in the glory of mist! My attention was drawn to a formation that represented a Chalice/Cauldron, a vessel of Mother Earth.

From the depths of a still pool, she cascaded over the lip, very female and absolute power in motion. I was held spellbound for many heartbeats, but more was to be unveiled. The now Inspired and Unstoppable Trio, ventured ever downward, drawn by invisible threads to the closer encounter . Magic waiting to happen…………………………

Finaly ,we stood before the might and wonder of Nature in one of her finest aspects. As the mist was beginning to make its presence felt, Tony, ever the knight in shining armour, raced upwards to procure the protection of umbrellas for the fair maidens. Jo and I entered into communion with the falls, and from within the mists came a gift of wonder and delight.

As the torrent flung all its fury to ground, there arose a mist of spray. Water and Fire in motion…………………

It did not take long to see and feel, the pattern forming. To begin with ,the mists gently rose, drifted over the face of the mountain, like a mother waking a child from sleep.

To turn and drop gently onto the surface of the pool within the Chalice/Cauldron. Spellbound, we watched the spray plot her course, until there was a visible circle of mist, rising from the water to return to the water.

Then Behold the Gift……………..

From out of the mists, forms began taking shape.

Dragons, rising from the spray, dancing over the mountain, to dive head first into the pool.

A continuous circle of awe and wonder, each different and clearly visable.

Dragging ourselves away, we began the ascent. Upon reaching the higher lookout , we were

once again treated to the joyful communion with Dragons.

The arrival of Tony put an abrupt end to the display, and hence he was dubbed “Dragon

Slayer !” However, after a short time of banter , our “Dragon Slayer “was astounded to be presented the

gift of viewing a mighty Dragon. The proudest and biggest of all. Wings , claws…………. the whole impressive display.

Now, our Tony is one ‘not wanting ‘ to see this stuff. So, this was for us the ultimate validation of the “Dragons In The Mist.