I was having-a-chat with my mentor and guide White Wolf around the subject of mythology when we touched on Avalon and Atlantis


Indeed Avalon plays a unique role in the evolution of your history.

As this was never in fact totally anchored to Earth, it is not exactly of the Earth.However it  remains where it was, simply a step further removed from your reality.

Avalon is like unto a shadow, visibility depending on the inter reaction of many things.

Only those of the same bloodlines, could cross the borderlands… for they held the knowledge within their being…………….

Most were unaware of the process.. they simply stepped from one place into another.

However Avalon was not a place of learning in the accepted manner … more a time and place ofde dication. These beings directed two streams of energy in the purest form … Feminine and Masculine
The essential purity of what is known as Godhead. These beings were gifted beyond measure, they held and stabilised the energy… so that Earth could progree and still they do so.

This was a time of great unrest, on the Earth plane as well as within the galaxies. In times of great peril in ,it is instinctive to hide and protect our greatest assets. To secure our blood for the future.

So it was with Avalon during the galactic unrest. It was secreted to the Earth environment.

Not openly deposited, but hidden.. protected and quarded………

For within these surrounds were the best of what we have.

The purest most gentle of beings, totally unfit for war.

Although by the advanced techniques they held. it may have been possible to have reduced all wars to a mere memory… still we were unable to take that risk. The knowledge of Avalon contains the depth of all we are.
It is the home of those who walked within the Creators light.

Many races are of a part of the whole, as did earth blood blend with some.

Yes………… these beings reached to the Earthlings to guard and the direct the people. To assist them to find a better way. To bring them to the knowledge and the acceptance of the Divinity that was theirs.

They were to awaken the spark within the people , that would enable them to see beyond what was.

To educate them that there was another way of living.. to open the door to conscious thought. To teach of realities other than what the eyes beheld. These were and are beings deeply committed to the conscious advancement of humanity.

It has ever been their role to allow all that has beauty to shine through. They were the instigation behind Chivalry… for them being cast from their place was like unto being banished to a barren land among a race of savages.

But it was not their way to conquer and rule… but to gently infuse power throughout the land.

This is what you now know as leylines.

Paths which energy travels… however Avalon directed the energy.

By channelling, grounding and stabilising the purest energy of masculine and feminine, they infused the land with

Power and the ability to place love above power and control.

If you will they spread the roots of Avalon throughout the land…………….

The people became to accept and rely on these beings for all things , for they brought many
‘magical’ gifts with them………….


Excalibur was and is a blended creation, the base is Titanium, an unknown metal in its time.