Channeling from my guides

The armies could have united to defeat and kill one being

Easier solution yet… the being lived underground…. why not simply seal the passage ways and allow nature to take its course.

WHY? Because the power was inter-galactic… machinery and technology unknown to Earth at the time, the Minatour was equal to a scientist of sorts.
The unknown held the fear of sorcery and magic.Now what do you feel happened to this prime virgin youth of the day?

Myth has it the Minatour devoured them… Interesting… Now we are led to believe –

A … A monstrous being lived beneath the palace

B … Obviously articulate in language of the time and place, demanded not only young people, but specific young people,  youth ripe for breeding, youth of impeccable bloodlines,youth in equal quantities of male and female.

C .. This being was of such strength that all demands were met instantly and ongoing

D .. Then we are led to believe, this obviously intelligent being , ate them… in fact devoured them
Realistically , having looked at this scenario…… can you believe it? 2 … is it just a story? 3 … was it an experimental laboratory?
Think of the third possibility….. a genetic gene pool!

Could devoured have been deflowered?

Indeed ,for if this monstrous being could eat 14 humans at one sitting. What sustained it the rest of the year?

We say to you … Look again… with open eyes at your mythology, and the truth of genetics will be revealed


Just so, however, experiment is to harsh a statement. There were other reasons. The healing and strengthening of the human cellular structure.

Understand, the pre-mythology there was a galactic interaction with Earth.

There were in fact voluntary and involuntary matings, these unbalanced the structure of future
beings. Mutations occurred, which could not be allowed to continue.

As imperfections are introduced to a blood platelet , so can they be removed. This however is a scientific process, that needs advanced knowledge, which you did not …. and do not yet understand.

Again we say look to Mythology… in particular the myths of that which is known to you as the Zodiac.

For in many humans is the encoded galactic breeding lines…and each of you , thus encoded will understand and yearn in part for;home’

We tell you for instance the youth of Crete were bred, until once again there was a strong human bloodline…. these children were not eaten….. but taught Arts, sciences, mathematics, astronomy, and went forth into the world as teachers and healers.

It is the offspring of this youth that with the taint removed [breed out] tainted blood.


This is precisely what we are telling you, this and so much more. Until this time , most of humanity has been engrossed in their own place in the scheme of things.

All is in motion at the moment, where many are seeking answers beyond the obvious.

There is becoming a unified acceptance of other beings and other realities. It has taken a long time to reach this place.

Now that the doorway stands open, we ask that you take the opportunity to step forward into the past… or backwards into the future. Whichever direction pleases you…. the destiny is the same… whichever route one takes.

In time we will systematically take you through the truths behind star mythology.

First we ask you to look within these myths, that by becoming familiar with them…. you may be able to comprehend that of which we speak.


Yes, it does not do to hand feed anyone … over a matter of time… for it opens the doors to interdependence, and there is no place for this … if you are to go forward.

Be open to the learning, for knowledge is strength.

We wish you to allow your own discernment to flourish.

To invest in your own truths.

For each of you is a complete unit unto yourself.

And each of you will experience the gift and truth of Myth, in a way compatible to the space
you occupy.