Children’s story- BIP & BOP to the rescue

A long time ago in the time of myth and magic, there stood an enchanted forrest. Deep in the enchanted forest stood
a huge oak tree. Underneath the oak tree was Toadstool Cottages.

In Toadstool cottage livedTwo Gnomes Bip and Bop!

Bip was a very neat and tidy gnome and Bop was a grumpy messy gnome.

They had many friends in the forest. Mrs Duck, who was rather bossy and most of what happened anywhere in the forest .Mrs Frog who was rather shy and famous for her delicious scones with jam and cream.

Bop had many a tummy ache from eatng too many, and Bip always made him peppermint tea.

Mrs Squirrel, who was very cheeky, and always busy with her beauful tail. And of course Mrs Owl who was wise in the ways of the forest.

One day the friends were enjoying a picnic on the river bank when they heard a mighty roar. ‘My goodness’ said Bip
” I wonder what that can be? We should take a look!”

As Bop grabbed another scone…just in case the owner of the roar was hungry. There came a second roar … much softer this time.

The friends tiptoed through the forest, carefully peeping behind each bush, when a roar made them jump with fright.
Bip and Mrs Squrrel walked around a fallen tree and there was a baby dragon, tears running  at the end of his nose.

Bip rushed to comfort the baby. .‘oh my goodess, what ever is the matter little one?”

“His wing is broken whispered Mrs Duck, ‘whatever shall we do?’

Bip took control – “Bop run and get Billy and the cart, Mrs Frog and Mrs Owl, while we bind the wing”… which they did, using the picnic cloth.

But the baby dragon still cried!

Quick as a flash in flew Mrs Owl, her herbal bag, tucked safely under her wing.Very gently she examined the baby dragon and set about making a remedy of willow bark and valerian to ease the pain and help him sleep.

In a very short me he was loaded into the cart and snoring soundly, tiny puffs of smoke, rising around him.

Mrs Owl flewew ahead to show the way, while Bip and Bop drove the cart out of the forest and headed up the Magic Mountain.

Bop was becoming a bit scared …it was dangerous out in the big world…and everyone knew dragons were known to eat gnomes in one bite!!! At least that’s what he had heard.

Half way up the mountain Mrs owl stopped beside a deep dark cave.She let out three loud calls
Woooooooooooooooo woooooooooooooooooo woooooooooooooooo

The answer was a terrible angry roar!

Bop hid under Bips arm.

Out of the cave stormed a huge very angry dragon, with flashing eyes and swishing tail, both gnomes were very frightened.

The dragon, looked around, then rushed to the cart.

Poor Billy fainted clean away…‘my baby, you found my baby I have been searching for days’

Bip explained how they had found the baby and that he had a broken wing…‘he has been trying to 9y for a while ‘ said the mother “I did warn him to stay close while I went to gather food”

Food, not gnomes I hope, gulped Bip! Don’t be silly, laughed mother dragon. Gnomes don’t taste good, all tough and stringy.

Very gently they lifted the baby dragon into his cosy nest. Mrs Owl gave the mother some medicine to help the wing heal.‘It’s comfrey ointment, apply twice a day and he will be 9ying before you know it , she instructed.

The mother dragon, who told them her name was Mooly disappeared into the dark cave and emerged carrying a glorious golden crystal.

Any time you need our help, hold the crystal, call three times to the West Wind and we will be there.

It was a very tired group that headed back down the mountain, to the safety of the Enchanted forest.

Back in Toadstool Cottage, Bip made supper of cocoa and toasted muffins. Bop curled up in a cozy chair by the fire and slept to dream of dragons and scone.