Part One Intro to Naturally Psychic

Welcome to the wonderful world of Self Discovery and a little splash of Gypsy Magic

For many of us “Psychic” is defined as a special gift, that only a select few are privileged to share.  Also it has been surrounded in myth and mystery, making it all the more exciting and in many ways unattainable … rubbish  … absolute rubbish.   I don’t deny the fact that there are many advanced souls among us who have activated their abilities, and those who have had the good fortune to grow up in surroundings that supported their spiritual growth.   Now there’s a question for you

Is Psychic ability Spiritual?  Yes and No

Tapping into your Psychic ability can enhance your experience of spirituality, however ,  here it comes, get ready for a shock

Psychic ability and psychic centers are located within the physical body, yep, you did read that correctly… Psychic centers are within the physical body, of every living soul

You included so …

YES,  You Are Psychic

Each and every one of us are born psychic and that’s the bottom line, so yes you can learn to stretch and wake up your abilities, to reach higher levels of understanding who and what are.  What you are truly capable of… in fact…. Your birthright


For whatever reason, over time the nine  senses have become diluted to five

With the understanding that this is normality, but who wants to be normal, not this little black duck

However, we have also bought the story that some ‘gifted’ folk have access to the magical, elusive 6th sense.  Fortunately with some many beings awakening to the true purpose of life, questions are being asked.  During readings I am constantly asked,

Am I psychic

What is my gift , if indeed there is one


So this book  is going to show that not only are there nine  senses, but allow you to see that they are already in action in your day to day life .. to some extent

Then we will learn

How to locate and action them ‘on command’ so to speak

To tune into that elusive psychic part of our reality







Now we may know of these by other names . clairvoyant, clairsentient , empathy etc

However for this course, and yes this book is a step by step course,  we are keeping it simple, and relatable

If we can accept the senses as normal, we’re half way there

We need to view these senses as unused muscles

Use a muscle and it becomes stronger and stronger

Neglect the same muscle and it shrinks and becomes painful to deal with

Because the majority of us have not had training in the exercising of these psychic muscles they have shrunk and yes, could be a tad painful to kickstart

Or equally a tad on the slow side, or they may have been bursting to go, for so long, it’s hell yer

Remember the more you put in , the more your get back



To begin with, we need to understand

All our senses, physical and psychic respond to energy and vibrational patterns

Everything is in fact energy in motion … vibrational … the higher the energy output the higher the vibration

However, we do know emotion, activates energy and sets a huge process in motion.

Whether we are stretching to wake up in the morning,  stretching in a yoga pose or stretching clairvoyant muscles. It all begins the same way, the intention, the stretch and the connecting

Because we don’t understand the exact process of how something works, does not mean the process doesn’t work

Just as we are unaware of the electrical currents and energy transformations that occur during our day to day activities,  thoughts, walking, sleeping, eating  etc

So we are unaware of the working of the psychic centers, they simply do their thing


Locating the Psychic Centers is easier than you think

Because they lie within the physical body and are activated by our nervous systems

Psychic Knowing   ===   The crown and top of the head

Psychic Vision  ===  Behind the eyes and upward

Psychic Hearing   ===  The head area above the ears

Psychic Feeling   ===  The front of the body  from the breast bone to just below the navel


Each of these centers corresponds to massive nerve centers


Nerve centers do an incredible job of relaying information to the brain, which in turn, relays the knowledge where it is needed

They go about their business day in day out, and we mostly are totally unaware of the huge job happening within our bodies


Now, I am definitely not going to get all technical, and try and explain the scientific stuff, or the medical stuff, because it does my head in.  All we really need to know is where the centers are located and how to activate them.  Easy as, so let’s do it




As most of us are aware we are constantly bombarded by the energy of others, and those among us who are super sensitive get wiped out

We all know or have experienced people who ‘suck us dry’

This energy overload is move prominent today than ever, larger cities, increased population

We move around more socially. Shopping centers, Movie Theaters, Events, you get the picture

Now for a moment let’s get ‘the picture so to speak

You’ve showered, dressed , relaxed ready for a day shopping, feeling fresh and alive

A few hours later you drag yourself in the door laden down with packages, feeling like you are carrying the weight of the world

Even if it was an incredible amazing catch up with friends, you found some great bargains,

Still your feet hurt, your back is screaming, your mind is fussy.. welcome to energy overload

Now to get a clear image of exactly what has happened .. energetically … think of a bee, leaving the hive, fresh, light buzzing away happy and free

Same bee, a few hours later, staggers into the hive loaded with pollen, you can actually see the load he is carrying.  Just like you I am sure the bee enjoyed his day, flitting from flower to flower, gathering the delectable pollen.  However, the load is hard to carry

You, are exactly like that bee, only your ‘pollen’ is energy and is invisible

Unlike you the bee heads in and unloads every speck of pollen

You are totally unaware of the load , you have picked up


Now this is where I feel the need for protection needs to be addressed, BEFORE we begin moving into ‘opening up’  lets do a bit of housework and clean out the rubbish, because yes some energy is pure rubbish.  The hassle is , the aura does not separate the good from the bad, energy is energy.  So we need to accept responsibility to keep our house clean so to speak

If you have processes that work for you fantastic, keep working with them

But it never hurts and add to the repertoire

Let me share with you one of my favorite processes

Most of us have heard of “White Light”

Let me introduce you to the ‘Gypsy’ energies of pure Gold and Electric Blue

These are the color vibrations used by the ancients, and known to my people for centuries

To many years ago to remember I developed a blending of knowledge which gifted the following clearing, and protection system

Now as we know from a medical point of view, everything is connected to the bone marrow, which resides down the center of the spine

So logically, if we clear out from the center, we get to the core of things



Take a few moments to relax, put on music, incense, whatever works for you.  Remember, one thing, it doesn’t matter what anyone says you ‘need’ to use

This is your experience, your time, your space , your choice



Posted by Maggie Sinton on Tuesday, 15 September 2020