Part Three The Art of Knowing



Often called Prophecy

Prophecy  =  Intuition

The gift of Knowing or psychic intuition  resembles the kind of instantaneous knowing that has been the hallmark of prophecy for centuries

Prophets of old, simply knew and completely trusted that knowing



We simply “know’ things

How a situation will turn out

If there are going to be issues

It is a deep inside knowing



There really is no scientific answer to why people simply know things

It is often passed off as Mothers intuition, when it concerns children

And who has not had the urge to call someone

Just as they were thinking of calling us


Knew who was calling, just before the phone rang

We all use this ability, on a subconscious level


People high in the energy of knowing tend to finish your sentences

They use “I know” a lot,  because they simply do

Often high in empathy, because they do in fact know what is happening and how others are feeling

Can be the most frustrating of all the senses, as  messages can be fleeting or into the future

Impressions often have no supporting information to back them up

Best sense to work with remote viewing

This is the sense we find hardest to trust.

People who trust their knowing, rarely worry unduly, they simply “know” everything is going to be fine

And don’t question the how and the why

People high in this sense can become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of feelings and knowings

They need to discover a way that allows them to ‘dumb down’ the impact

To filter the information to what they can deal with

Trial and error, plus time is the answer

Meditation and down time assists the process

Need to learn when to give information, as they can speak without thinking or processing the messages received

FANTASTIC  You KNOW when a call is coming, who is on the phone, if someone is arriving

You are actually working with the psychic sense of Knowing

How easy is that

Yes, I do understand this is a grey area for some and a shining light for others

Easy, baby steps , locate and activate

Locate and activate will become our mantra while we explore these exciting areas.  Think of how baby’s excitement and joy as they discover, say, their toes. It’s a full on fun filled experience. The joy just radiates from them.  This is the joy of discovery, and so it is with the journey of the psychic senses, joy, discovery, basically the WOW factor


Please keep in mind each of us has our own psychic footprint, and we can only walk to the beat of our own drum

So be gentle with yourself, everyone reacts to each sense differently, so if you are brilliant in one, while another may have you struggling, or worse , giving you ziltch.  Relax, and go with the opening energetic flow, your body will guide you


So, lets check out where the Psychic Sense of Knowing sits, locate and active

The crown of the head is the resting place of Knowing

As you may have picked up the great activators are

Breath and Nerve masses

My goodness the crown area is literally a bundle of nerves, and has direct access to the brain

Now the brain is extremely sensitive to infinitesimal thought patterns, and has the ability to control and create entire universes.  So our thoughts are pretty basic stuff


If you look at the mind, as the programmer , the brain as the computer and the body as the robot, it pretty much is how it all works.  Just as we program our computers, so , we program our brain to create our own personal universe



By placing both hands on the top of your head, you can locate this centre, imagine a helmet, a little like a dome,  that sits just above the eyebrows

Have fun with this dome, because you can, and when we have fun we cut down on the anxiety caused by the need to ‘get it right’

In fact there is no right way, or , no wrong way.  There is only your way.

I like to imaging a shining silver dome, and sometimes I add all sorts of weird and wonderful attachments, so it looks like some way out space thing

You can create and play with apps to give you a visual

Having located this area, spend some time, just sitting , hands on head to connect and become attuned to the energy flow

Keep records, is it stronger on some days,  does the moon cycles affect it.  Is it out of control during menstrual cycles, and yes, boys this goes for you to. Your cycles actually become attuned to partners menstrual cycles, as you live together.  Sexual and touching contact actually blends your energies, and many become attuned as one reality on some levels.  That sense of knowing what the other will think, say do. Finishing their sentences, knowing their moods, knowing when they need you, knowing when they need to be left alone

Knowing is a fantastic sense when activated between two energies, yes I did say energies in place of people.  Because this alignment need not be of a sexual nature in the physical sense.  It may be between , mother / son,   father/daughter  , brother/ brother.  Work partner, friends , get the picture


Knowing each other on deep levels is an incredible gift, and often if can be mistaken for love and then it can get muddied and confusing. But lets not go there just yet


So , having done the locating, time to activate, yes, you, got it  breathing time


Working with the Centered Breath Technique , activates and opens this psychic area.

Sit for a while and simply place your hands over the head area, and breath

As you gently, work with the centred breath, allow yourself to become aware of sensations in your body

This may start as a warmth, a tingling, what seems like tiny electric shocks.  Have no expectations, accept what comes

If nothing, ask what kind of nothing?

Nothing as in empty?

Nothing as in no feeling?

 Nothing as in ??? keep questioning and you may be surprised at the answers

For in fact there is no actual nothing

Ask yourself , what were you expecting, it simply may be that it never happened and so you are left with ‘nothing’ even if there are lots of ‘other stuff’ popping up

I would recommend you put aside at least a week to work with each centre, so that you can activate them instantly, or better yet, they are attuned and know when to go for it


Having spent some time, getting to know the feel of your psychic knowing , play with it

Yes, I mean play, as opposed to practice

Practice or working implies some expectation and induces stress and anxiety

Play implies, freedom and fun, plus the ability to experience joy and laughter

Sit with those to attitudes and you will quickly ‘know’ which pattern is the more positive


Share with friends, I always feel the need to ask permission of someone , before playing in their head so  to speak.  

How to get out there, past the limitations of the physical body,  having made a good friend of the knowing sense, we can trust it to guide our steps into other realities and levels of knowing

Make the time to prepare

Turn off phones  , use incense or music, what ever works for you

Take your time, this is about exploring and discovery , whole new realities

Relax,  use the Centered Breath Technique for as long as you need.

As you inhale, imagine, feel, see or simply “know” energy flowing from the Universe, to you

Each exhale  allow the “head area to expand and attract

Think antenna ,  this antenna brings back the needed information

Allow images, thoughts , whatever to simply flow into and out of your psychic centre

Be aware other centres may just join in the fun, because they can

So no stress, just allow

For instance, yes you are working on the Knowing but Feeling and gut instinct may come along for the ride


As you become comfortable with extending your energy into the Universe and receiving information back, you may want to move to the next level


I find working with like minded people stimulates and accelerates the growth

Take an image or ask someone to give you a name or question

Take  your time, there’s no rush , no is it a competition, it’s practice . practice, practice

Extend your knowing into the Universe

Ask the question in your mind

What do I know of this person, place, whatever

Breath in the information

At this stage try not to analyze or filter , just receive

Remember the little odd bits may seem insignificant to you

However they can be huge to someone else


For instance many years ago I had a client , who just wanted to connect with her father in Spirit

All I kept getting was potato fields, tried again potatoes, tried many times, potatoes

Finally I had to say ‘ sorry all I am seeing is potato fields

She burst into tears and said her dad was a potato farmer

I guess what I need to say is release expectation, and don’t judge the info coming in


Knowing can be the most confusing and overwhelming of all the psychic senses, as you can be swamped with information, and need to add a filter

The knowing can be related to the past present or future, which only  adds to the confusion in the beginning


Each week take a few minutes to connect and ask and know

What to you know about the upcoming week?

This can be weather, family friends, current events anything

Just write them down

End of the week, tick off what you got correct , check for how something you knew worked out differently

This simple process builds confidence

Don’t judge if you have an off week, go back to it a month or so later, what did you know then, that needed time to come about

Remember lighten up , relax and have fun


Try and tune into how a situation will be before you get there

Like a social event, what will people be wearing, media events are a great exercise spot

Going for an interview

Sit with it for a while

Tune into the interviewer

What do you know about them

Having some insight could give you the edge


End each day by acknowledging where an extra sense enhanced your experience

Understand this is a journey unique unto you,  yours alone,  enjoy it

Be the gift you came here to be


Balance and harmony are so essential in this wild world we live in, and personally I find the need to grab a few calming moments throughout my rush, rush day

So, this process is simplicity itself

Ideally, take time out to sit and relax

Take a deep breath, in through both nostrils

Hold a second

Exhale, gently through pursed lips, like giving a kiss

Repeat until you are calm and back in control



The Art of Knowing

Posted by Maggie Sinton on Tuesday, 29 September 2020