Part Two The Art of Feeling


HI welcome to week two, where we will explore the sense of FEELING , how, where and get it flyingIf you wish to contribute to the continuation of my offerings I would be grateful. If not all good Thanks and Blessings Beyond the Veil

Posted by Maggie Sinton on Tuesday, 22 September 2020




Psychic Feeling is the most accessible and arguably the easiest sense to open and interpret

We all have had and recognize ..  gut feelings … gut instinct 

What we need to understand t is that every one and everything has a vibrational pattern, and it is the tuning into these patterns that allow us to access the ‘psychic’ world around us.  Also, if one being has achieved something, no matter what, that is then achievable by anyone

In much the same way as the physical senses, interpret and react to stimuli,  so to, does the ‘psychic’ senses.  Simply on a different level

We learn to walk, talk, to listen, so we have can see how great we are at learning to use natural assets

The psychic stuff should be a piece of cake, with gypsy magic being the cherry on the top

In reality the entire human body is an extremely efficient antenna, able to tune into, and interpret inner energies, vibrations and work in absolute balance with the Universe

All we need to do is get out of its way and get on with living life, as we were designed to



Primarily you are concerned about and for the welfare of others, human and otherwise

You can usually sense when someone is troubled, and are able to read between the lines so to speak

You totally trust your gut feelings

There is not a real concern around timelines or deadlines

You make an effort to put people at ease, and expect others to have the same caring attitude



People high in psychic feeling , have the need to protect themselves against the emotions of others

There are times when it can feel like and emotional deluge

Getting swamped by the emotions of others can feel a bit like an invasion

Understanding that some of the negative feelings may in fact not be yours, is a starting point

Tension, anxiety, anger, depression are all examples of heavier energies, and as such, they hang around longer

Having identified where an emotion fits in the overall picture, allows you take action, to quickly release it

Psychic feeling folk need to take care to clear their energy fields on a regular basis



Psychic feeling is the center most linked to physical sensations

It can range from a slight flutter , to knotting , to physically throwing up

This center covers the autonomic  = involuntary nervous system, which is located in the tummy region

The Autonomic nervous  system provides a direct pathway, for psychic impressions and feelings to the subconscious mind

It is also linked to every major organ and most glands

Its purpose is to regulate the automatic functions of the body

Blood pressure, pulse, in fact you name it, this has it covered

It lies from just beneath the breast bone to just below the navel


Solar Plexus the area where the physical and spiritual bodies meet

This is the key reception area for psychic energy



BELLY BREATHING … Really gives everything a massive kick start


The belly button or umbilical cord is a much over looked energy center

It gifted us life, through the body of our mothers, and links us still to or matriarchal linage and ultimately to  Mother Earth

We each retain a significant part of the umbilical cord which has folded within. And it is within that holds the keys to releasing psychic energies

As always relax and prepare a space to work with this breath, as it can be incredibly energizing and open  doors to amazing self discovery

As well as being an important process in activating a psychic energy center


Take slow , sipping breaths down into the belly

Purse your lips [ like a kiss]

Then sip in air , sip by sip, [ like using a straw]

Take the sips down to the belly button and when you have enough breath

Focus on the belly button for a few seconds

Release gently through the mouth

Take a few ‘normal’ breaths and start again


This one takes a bit of practice, but is well worth the effort

You may like to add to the experience

Place a crystal on your belly button

Rose Quartz to expand Love

Amethyst for Healing



Allow yourself a space of peace to become used to this activation, which in reality is probably up and running in most of us anyway

I find the simpler the process, the better the results, as you are not focused on “getting it right”

Place both hands over the belly button, and simply breath, yes, just breath

Feel free to add music  a crystal, what ever the choice is yours.   Your experience needs to be tuned to you

Gently, on the out breath expand your reality

Slowly, reach out through this area

Bring to mind an image of a person,  breath and see what feelings come back

Practicing with media folk is great, because there is feedback

Work with a partner or friend, share experiences

Write down what you feel …. Practice leads to perfect… the more you practice the more confident you will become

And there will come a time, often very quickly when you will simply “do it” as a normal part of living

Practice on food in a restaurant or supermarket… how does it feel… all you do is feel

Place your hands over the activation area , if it helps

Or if you work with a crystal, keep the crystals in one hand while shopping



How to tune into the truth of your body

Your body will never ever lie to you, it simply is not built that way

Relax .. take a few deep breaths

Now in your mind  … tell yourself an absolute truth

Your name and address is good, it must be total truth

Now ‘feel’ how your body responds

You are sensing for a feeling … not words or images , a feeling


Now tell yourself an absolute lie

Feel how your body responds

This is your gauge, use it often , and it will quickly become second nature


Learn to tune into yourself

Ask yourself  what are you feeling

Don’t accept ‘nothing’ as an answer

If nothing

What kind of nothing,

Nothing different.  Nothing as a void.  Nothing as in something missing

Keep asking and feeling until you reach an understanding of just what you are feeling



What way good   …. What way bad

Why do I feel good/bad

Where are these feelings coming from

Is it fleeting or permanent

By following a path and continuing the questioning, we enter a relaxed state, where the subconscious allows images to float up and answers… just are


Added extra Belly Button Joy


We tend to ignore one of the most important points on the physical body… the good old belly button.

It is through this area that we are fed and develop in the womb, where our first connections to our Mother begins.

This area is a rich, center where all nerve endings meet and travel through out the body and beyond, yet it is a comparatively unknown or ignored area

The ancient wisdom taught us the importance and divine connection of the Umphala   [ belly button]

From the stump of the umbilical cord, run nerves to the entire body, and as such can be utilized as a fast track to healing and connection with our deeper selves


How many of us pay attention to this area when we are unwell, and I do mean unwell anywhere in the body, physical , mental or emotionally… not a lot.

So let’s get back in connection with the nerve super highway, it is simple and everyone is more than capable of doing it


Let’s have a look at protection … I can hear the mind ticking over

Protection and the belly button… like hello

However it is the logical place to begin, instant access to anywhere and everywhere

This can be as simple as applying a protection balm morning and night to the area, in and around

Simple, done.

Going traveling or to a strange place, anoint with a protective oil


Thinking of a flu shot…  not needed… and why bother when the alternative is easier

I create a blend of oils known as Thieves Oil, [google recipe].   Mix with a little carrier oil of choice, use daily and at bedtime .

Also assists if you have the flu, or any infection

Hay fever responds to Fenugreek , use the oil

Get the picture


Seeking a partner or adding a sap to your relationship, blend patchouli and ylang ylang

The list is endless

Any blend created for us on the body can be applied directly to the belly button , for fast results


Now as a path of tuning into the Higher self,  I like to use half a teaspoon of coconut oil, blended with 1 drop of whatever takes my fancy

Lying down, gently pour the blend INTO your belly button , then gently massage outwards

You can use a crystal to assist with this

I have a clear Quartz that works perfect

Labradorite works well for past life work

Blue Lace agate is amazing for communication with humans , angels and others

 It is easy to drop off while working with this area

Whether to sleep or go off with the fairies




HI welcome to week two, where we will explore the sense of FEELING , how, where and get it flyingIf you wish to contribute to the continuation of my offerings I would be grateful. If not all good Thanks and Blessings Beyond the Veil

Posted by Maggie Sinton on Tuesday, 22 September 2020