Psychic Readings

Gypsy Maggie Rose is reknowned for her accurate and insightful readings.
She  brings you a caring honest reading, using the guidance of your guides, angels, loved ones and whoever cares to pop in and have a chat at the time! All readings are by appointment only. Due to high demand and her current schedule, please book early to avoid disappointment.

A personal reading with Gypsy Maggie Rose is like a delightful conversation with an old friend. Her warm, direct nature ensures that you feel safe and secure through-out the reading. If you are feeling stuck and are searching for guidance, Gypsy Maggie Rose’s personal readings will leave you feeling more confident about your future. Remember there are no small problems in the eyes of the Universe. All are equal and valid. Gypsy Maggie Rose provides a non judgmental, safe space to communicate with the other side.
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If you are not able to attend a one on one reading in person, readings are available by phone. A phone reading is just as effective as an in person reading.
30 minute phone readings $75
15 minute phone readings $45
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Having received numerous requests from people all over the world for readings, Gypsy Maggie Rose has now made available an email reading service to ensure that no matter where you are, you to can experience her exceptional readings. Click the button for the reading of your choice. You will be taken to a secure PayPal page where you can pay for your reading. After payment is processed, you will be asked for the following details which is needed in order to do the reading:
Your name and birth date + The Country and State where you are living now +Your question(s)
Please give some detail so that Maggie can give you as much information as possible.
If asking about another person please include their details.
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A past life reading with Gypsy Maggie Rose can assist in resolving issues in this life. You can experience your past lives in a safe protected space. Gypsy Maggie Rose will connect to the previous past lives you have experienced. Often we come into this life, and what has impacted us in our past lives may still be affecting us today. If you are experiencing the emotions of a continuous challenging situation or emotion and it is impossible to resolve this or move forward, then this is where a past life reading can seriously resolve these problems and empower and free you from the past
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Because we all live very busy lives Gypsy Maggie Rose now offers guidance via the magic of text message. So for fast immediate answers on the go , text Maggie 0407177871 Texts are charged in blocks of ten. Five from you and five from Maggie
$40 per block of ten and all text sessions to be pre-paid
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